Nancy Cox

Senior Fellow


Nancy Cox is Professor and Chief of the Section of Genetic Medicine with appointments in the Depts of Medicine and Human Genetics and is a Senior Fellow in the University of Chicago Computation Institute. The primary research focus in her lab is on identifying and characterizing the genetic component to common human diseases through the development of novel methods for the analysis of genome variation. The group also focuses on the integration of large-scale genome function data with genome variation.  Current computational research activities involve large-scale prediction across -omics data, as well as developing approaches to partition heritability by functional classes of variants. Dr. Cox was a co-founder of the first of the disease-focused consortium efforts in common disease, targeting type 2 diabetes, and remains active in the diabetes genetics community through the T2DGENES consortium. She has been funded to develop methods of analysis and analyze data for the GTEx (Genotype Tissue Expression) project since its inception; GTEx is a common fund initiative in which ~50 tissues are obtained from organ donors with RNAseq conducted to generate information on the transcriptome for all tissues and whole genome sequencing is conducted to provide complete information on genome variation. Dr. Cox is also a co-PI of the Pharmacogenomics of Anti-cancer Agents Research project here at the University of Chicago, and has a project in the University of Chicago Conte Center, directed by Andrey Rzhetsky, one of the CI faculty.