James Evans

Senior Fellow


James Evans' current projects examine the influence of markets on science and work. In science, Evans' central project explores how collaborations with industry influence academic research in an area of molecular plant biology (all research using the popular model organism Arabidopsis thaliana) by analyzing social and funding networks, scientific texts, bio-informatic databases, and interviews. Evans is also involved in a related project (with Woody Powell) which compares how different industries and their markets differentially shape the sciences they commercialize. In work, Evans' current project examines the influence of IT contract labor markets on the experience of time, the relationship between developing social and human capital, and the dynamics of labor-brokering (with Stephen Barley and Gideon Kunda). He is coediting a book on the relationship between work, organization and technology (with Steve Barley and Siobhan O'Mahony). Methodologically, Evans is developing new ways to represent and model fields of knowledge, he supports advances in natural language processing and pattern matching, and he uses quantitative analysis to focus his ethnographic investigations.