Michael E. Papka

Senior Fellow


Michael Papka is the deputy associate laboratory director for Computing, Environment and Life Sciences (CELS) and the division director of the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF). Both his laboratory leadership roles and his research interests relate to high-performance computing in support of scientific discovery.

In his role as deputy in the CELS directorate, which is a collection of divisions and institutes spanning Argonne and the University of Chicago, he supports programmatic efforts that either strongly contribute to or greatly benefit from high performance computing. As director of the ALCF, Dr. Papka is responsible for a DOE national scientific user facility that houses one of the world's fastest supercomputers and enables researchers to address some of the toughest challenges in science and engineering.

Dr. Papka is also a senior fellow of the University of Chicago/Argonne National Laboratory Computation Institute, where he conducts interdisciplinary studies involving multiscale simulation data, and investigates techniques for managing, processing, and analyzing data in the computational pipeline in order to find crucial information leading to scientific breakthroughs.

In addition to his duties at Argonne, Dr. Papka is an associate professor of computer science at Northern Illinois University.