Bloodflow Model

Future petaflop simulations of realistic biological and physical systems will necessarily involve concurrent multiscale modeling. This project addresses the fundamental mathematical, algorithmic and software issues for simulating a human brain vascular model, the first of its kind, consisting of 100 large 3D arteries (Macrovascular Network, MaN), 10 million arterioles (Mesovascular Network,MeN) and one billion capillaries (Microvascular Network, MiN).

This project is transformative in that it shifts the computational paradigm to a new level (orders of magnitude above the state-of-the-art) that will allow, for first time, realistic simulations of cerebrovasculature in health and disease. The validated algorithms for petaflop computing we propose are of general interest for use in many multiscale biological and physical applications, including vascular trees of all living organisms and also in simulations of nuclear reactors and other power/chemical plants. The new simulation environment, with the human brain as a backdrop, will be critical in training a new generation of inter-disciplinary scientists to be comfortable in using multiscale mathematics and scalable software tools for extreme computing.